• Lighting & Energy Audit

    When you have or rent building more than 5 years; Indeed you might desire to relook at your lighting : it's light level, ambiance, and energy usage.

     AKU has the audit team who check and investigate the existing lighting and energy usage - make a proposal and offer the lighting retrofit with LED as well as

     energy saving recommendation. You can contact us to know further - and we will visit your site without cost.

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  • Lighting Design & Proposal

    Lighting is no longer simple, yet very powerful when we design properly. Good lighting design bring added-values to our buildings.


    Depending on the scope and scale, we liase with in-house and professional lighting designers to develop relevant proposal to customers.


    Lighting design is getting important and critical to achieve both excellent design and Green buildings.

  • LED Retrofit Supply & Install

    Once Auditing and analysing potential saving are done, We deliver the mock up and sampling-test to ensure the retrofit will deliver equal or beter performance and ambiance; while achieve energy saving target that we propose.


    Hence, We are ready to retrofit the old-lighting with new LED Lighting.


  • System Integration - Building Automation

    AKU develop the competency and expertise in Building and Home Automation - We act as system integrator and work closely with other vendors to deliver the connectivity across system and controls.


    We design and implement the KNX building automation for small to big scale of projects.


  • Energy Monitoring Services

    We offers energy monitoring services for customers in order to check and improve current energy consumption without big initial investment.


    The customer has option to lease it first so the leasing cost could be financed by the energy-saving program.


    Once the leasing period is over; Customer could continue to lease or purchase with depreciated value. This financing program will help customers to realise energy optimation and saving program immediately. This service is including installation, test-commissioning until the program is alive.

  • After Sales Service & Call Center

    AKU is committed to become preferred solution partners.

    We understand that after-sales-services is very critical to B2B customers.

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