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GreenPerform Highbay G3

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    Following the successful introduction of the GreenPerform Highbay G2 in 2013, while continue providing the superior light quality, long service lifetime, reduced energy consumption and less maintenance in the switch on-off (PSU) and Dali dimmable (PSD) versions, the new generation Highbay seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art LED lighting with an easy-to-use and reliable wireless ZIGBEE control solution (ACW) and simple movement detection solution (PIR). In the ACW version products, when the situation on the work floor changes, settings such as dimming levels and timing can be changed wirelessly by the end-users themselves. Luminaires can be combined in groups across the layout, and re-zoning them does not require a hardware change, thus minimising commissioning costs. The system delivers savings over and above the actual efficiency of the LEDs and is future-proof.In the PIR version products, when there has no movement detected after 15 minutes, the lighting will dimming down to 25% of the lumen output, which helps to maximum your energy saving in a simple way. Easy to understand, easy to design-in, and easy to use, GreenPerform Highbay G3 is a smart way to light up your business.



    • High energy saving up to 65%~88% comparing to HPI-P system
    • Superb light quality
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Future-proof system: wireless adjustment of lighting settings and fast re-zoning if use of space changes (ACW versions)
    • Light for need: Lighting dimming down to 25% after 15 minutes if no movement detected (PIR versions)


    • High efficacy: 130 lumens per watt
    • Low UGR (NB/20 ~WB/26) and accurate colour (CRI> 80)
    • Lifetime 50,000 hours with IP65 & IK07 protection
    • Super slim design and suits for hook, pipe mounting
    • Integrated with 1~10V PIR occupancy and movement based dimming sensor (PIR version)
    • Integrated with ZigBee control, movement detection and day harvest sensor (ACW version)



    • Factory,
    • Warehouse,
    • Distribution center
    • Indoor sport hall
    • Other high ceiling indoor application
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