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GreenUp Highbay G2

  • Product family information

    Height is not an issue any more, maximum 16 m movement detection together with the wireless ZigBee control, GreenUp HighBay G2, light up your space smartly.



    • Light as need, provides additional energy savings on the intelligent version (BY560X) (depends on usage behaviour)
    • Future-proof system: wireless adjustment of lighting settings and fast re-zoning if use of space changes via the intelligent version (BY560X)
    • Precise light distribution to light up your space efficiently
    • Provides better protection against dust and insects


    • Different lighting levels and timings can be set per sensor, group and ZigBee network of luminaires (BY560X)
    • Advanced sensor technology for effective presence and daylight detection
    • High efficacy: Up to 140 lumens per watt
    • CRI>80; R9>0; Wide beam, narrow beam and high rack optic choices are available
    • Lifetime 65 Khrs @L70B50 with IP40 protection


    • General Industry Application: Warehouse; Distribution centre; Factory
    • Indoor sports hall
    • Other high ceiling indoor applications

    Warning & Safety

    The product is IPX0 & as such is not protected against water ingress and as such we strongly recommend that the environment in which the luminaire is to be installed is suitably checked

    If the above advice is not taken and the luminaires are subject to water ingress, Philips/Signify cannot guarantee safe failure and product warranty will become void

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