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GreenUp Waterproof

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    GreenUp Waterproof is a high efficient and reliable LED luminaire, designed for industrial application with humid and dust protection requirement. It delivers significant energy savings of up to 62% as compared to conventional dual-T8 waterproof. Utilization of UV-shield PC and extrusion process makes it suitable for semi-outdoor environments, and together with the built-in breather ensure a sound performance. With professional optic design and Philips LED module gives the most comfortable light experience of CRI 85.



    • High energy efficient
    • Long lifetime
    • Flexible installation



    • System efficacy of 105lm/W
    • 40,000hrs lifetime (Philips Lumileds and Xitanium®)
    • CRI 85 (Professional optic design and Philips LED module)
    • Sliding groove for installation
    • UV-shield PC and extrusion process, and built-in breather



    • Industry
    • Corridors / walkways
    • Indoor car parks
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