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GreenVision Xceed Gen2

  • Product family information Sustainability, citizen well-being and connectivity are key players in the game of differentiation among cities all over the world. And a way of achieving these goals is lightingLighting up streets and roads enhance the comfort, security and overall safety of our rapidly growing urban environments. Our GreenVision Xceed Gen2 makes an affordable LED road lighting solution that ensures sufficient light on your roads and streetsThe GreenVision Xceed Gen2 family from Signify provides your city with a flexible lighting system which can be deployed anywhere in urban spaces, roadways and rural areas – our luminaires provide optimal light for all application areas. Additionally, the GreenVision Xceed Gen2 is ready to be connected to, and work with, smart city ecosystemsOur new GreenVision Xceed Gen2 range is enhanced to give city lighting departments even more control – to choose the right light Benefits Robust and reliable with a long service lifetime Elegant finless design Features System efficacy 140 lm/W ±10% Long service lifetime 100Khrs L70 @Ta 35°C With 10 kV or 15 kV surge-protection device Applications Pedestrian category roads (P1-P6) Vehicle category roads (M1-M6) Traffic routes and main access road Urban and residential areas
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