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ACCENTA introduces safety of your  building  electricity management, so everyone can be safe as your lighting emergency scheme or plan.

As nowadays, LED  lighting dominates the market, Accenta also focus on reliable emergency battery for LED that is safe, reliable and cost-efficient.
The quality of our product can also reach and fit for any range of emergency lighting to support your need.

Additionally, Accenta provides design and services to building or facility management for retrofit and maintenance of the emergency lighting.

The functional  emergency  lighting is critical and required by law in every building and facility.  In the event of a power outage, fire or other emergency situations, the emergency and signage lighting must continue to perform. It shall give visibility for people to leave facility or do necessary activities.

Accenta provides easy, affordable and reliable illumination. Our emergency lighting system provide reliable illumination for up to 3 hours when powered by batteries; also available as emergency exit lighting with the escape sign of your preference

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