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Who We Are

AKSEL Kreasi Utama stands for professional partner of prominent brands such as PHILIPS, ABB, Trilux and GreenControls. We strive to deliver our products and services in Lighting and Electrical. We dedicate our resources and competency to provide green energy solution to building owners, industries and projects’ stakeholders. We now grow to deliver end-to-end lighting, electrical solution from design, supply, install to after-sales-services.

In the momentum towards Green Building and Energy Efficiency; We translate latest technology in lighting and electrical into relevant answers such as : LED lighting that improves people life, productivity and attractive ambience, yet cost savvy; as well as sustainable and reliable operations.


We also expand our expertise in Building Automation and Smart System which now become great choice and investment. 

Having established in 2013, we rapidly grow and expand our coverage to East Java and Cikarang operation by now. We engage developers, consultants, interiors, lighting consultants, facility-building managers and system integrators as well as contractors to provide meaningful solutions.

We achieved excellent years and continually deliver our vision : being preferred solutions providers for our customers. 

Our vision and mission
(What We Want In The Future)

1. Preferred and Leading Solution Providers
2. Partners that delivers best quality
3.  Sustainability profitable and high growth

(How We Achieve It)

1. Provide best solutions and services in class that add
2. Values to customers and stakeholders 
3. Strong partnership and networks
4. Professional and Accelerating Organization

Our management team

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