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ArenaVision MVF403 C

  • Product family information Since it was first introduced in 1988, Philips ArenaVision has proven to be the best floodlighting system ever for sports lighting applications, most of which have to fulfill the highest specifications to enable television coverage of national and international events.ArenaVision is an integrated system that is supplied by one manufacturer as part of a complete system. Philips is the only manufacturer to provide all relevant technologies from lamp to gear to floodlight, so that everything works in synergy. With ArenaVision, the key disciplines of lamp, optic and gear design were brought together with a single mission: to create the best possible floodlight that will operate effectively for many years.ArenaVision MVF403 is ideal for indoor sports halls as well as many outdoor sports and other illumination uses. It comes with a variety of reflectors and lamps and offer a choice of optical systems and three levels of power output for every conceivable application. Benefits no internal cleaning required Features Together with the unique oval optics, the MHN-SA 2000W lamp guarantees the highest possible system efficiency, low glare and best-ever lighting levels on the field Built-in reflector reduces spill light and glare even further Rear opening access for easy lamp replacement Housing dust proof and waterproof to IP65; no internal cleaning required MHN-LA lamp version equipped as standard with series ignitor and terminal block in an aluminium connection boxon the bracket. Wire mesh to prevent large pieces of glass falling out Optional safety switch to cut off current when luminaire is opened (requires additional contactor - supplied by others) Uplighting versions available (220/240V MHN-LA 1000W and MHN-SA 1800W) for architectural lighting Integrated system of optics, gear and transverse MHN-SA 1800W,MHN-SA 2000W or MHN-LA 1000W lamp in a single housing, ensuring high efficiency and low glare. Applications Outdoor sports lighting Architectural flood lighting Indoor sports halls
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