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Essential SmartBright LED Downlight G2

  • Less Hassle, More Savings

    Essential SmartBright LED Downlight G2

    Essential SmartBright G2 LED Downlight is value for money product with high efficacy, good quality and reliability. It offers multiple configurations from 300lm to 2000lm output, to replace conventional downlight. It can be used for shopping mall, retail store, residential and office. It’s an ideal product family to distribute in trade market.



    • Reliability and safety: meets national and international regulation

    • Energy saving: High system efficacy with lower power consumption

    • Diversity: One stop shopping with multiple choices of recess round, square as well as surface-mount to fit your dedicated applications

    • Easy to install with slim design




    • Long life time: 20Khrs (L70B50@25°C)

    • System efficiency: up to 85lm/W

    • One family offers recess round, square and surface mount options

    • Slim design: 33mm housing body height



    • Retail

    • Office

    • Residential

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